Spitfire Mk.Vb, Tamiya 1/48

Well-known scale model of the legendary Spitfire Mk.Vb from Tamiya represents their usually high quality product : excellent fit coupled with small number of parts with nice details. Assembly of this model is a real pleasure .PE cockpit instrument panel,and seat belts were added, also I did complete riveting

The kit was upgraded with Master set of brass cannons and Eduard Brassin bomb set .



Represents aircraft from 352nd Yugoslav Squadron of RAF.
For this painting option I decided for several reasons: it is a Mark Vb which meant that the aircraft can be done OOB, other reason is an interesting combination of continental paint schemes DG / OG on the upper and tropical AZB on the lower surfaces.
Third but not least important: pilot Aleksandar Vukovic who took off from the island of Vis on 31 August 1944 was shot down by fire from the ground and the plane crushed around Suhi Dolac in Croatia, therefore, this plane represents the first operational loss of 352.Sq

Painting and marking

I used Gunze paints. Roundels on upper wings was painted using paint masks from AEROPOXY, I made paper template for a/c kode letter K, and serial number is printed using a laser printer on clear decal paper, rest of decals are made by BlueRider decals.

Modeler: Aleksandar Mladenović - Medico



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