Operation Belgrade 1/35

6    After a few days of bitter street fighting Belgrade is liberated, Yugoslav partisan and Soviet tanker relaxes sharing a plum brandy.
1/35 scale Bren carrier is Tamiya kit , old but still pretty good. It bears markings of 4-th Guards motorized brigade , greyhound amblem mask is reconstructed from a war correspondent movie ' Operacija Beograd '. DshK machine gun is Zvezda kit. Partisan figure is converted Tamiya figure, I'v used Miliput to make pocket onto trousers and they become British one. Soviet tanker kit is a some unknown resin kit, I'v replaced its head and hands.


Signs, posters and Zeltbahn tent section are form Medico's D-tails www.medicosdetails.com Slypi's produced PE Ivy.
Street, sidewalk,wall, metal fence and wooden gate are scratch built.

Scale modeler: Aleksandar Mladenovic - Medico


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