XIV New Year's Cup 11-12.Dec.2021 - start of online models registration

Dear friends and colleagues,
We are pleased to inform you that Mk OLUJ continues with preparation for its traditional New Year's Cup. Although last year's cup was canceled due to a bad epidemiological situation, the members of our club decided to respect the tradition this year, so in that spirit we are approaching the final preparations for the 14th New Year's Cup, which will be held from 11th to 12th December 2021. years. Due to the still large number of infected people in our country, we must adhere to all epidemiological measures that will be prescribed at that time by the competent authorities. Due to the space in which the cup is held, it will not be possible to enter the Aviation Museum without wearing an mask. Also, we want to emphasize that for these reasons, to our great regret, no workshop will be held as part of the New Year's Cup, and also a joint dinner with all our friends will have to wait for some better times. From today, you can register your models online by following the already well-known instructions on our website oluj.org . We will notify you in a timely manner of any changes.
Best regards your Mk OLUJ