XIV New Year's Cup 11-12.Dec.2021

Dear Scale Modellers,
The 14th New-Year's Cup Competition will take place at the Aeronautical Museum at Nikola Tesla Airport on 11th and 12th of December 2021. according to the following schedule:

Dec. 11th, 2021.

9 – 13 h – Entries Registration
13 - 16 h – Exibition
16h - Model Judging

Dec. 12th, 2021.

9 – 13 h – Exibition
13 - 14 h – Returning of models
14 - 16h - Awards ceremony



As before, a special area will be allocated for your models in progress and models you want to display in the exhibition area.

The Aeronautical Museum is located at «Nikola Tesla» Airport, Belgrade, and is 1.5 km away from the Belgrade – Šid highway. You can also reach the Aeronautical Museum using the local Belgrade – SurĨin highway, which branches into a 3.5 km road to the Airport. This route is also covered by city bus No. 72, whose departure point is at Zeleni Venac, and the final stop is at the arrival's building of the „Nikola Tesla" Airport, Belgrade.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us at info@oluj.org
Modelling Trade Market applications will be accepted till December 1st, 2021. at info@oluj.org

General Information:

- Visits to the Competition and the Museum Exhibition will be free-of-charge for all visitors this year
- The Museum parking lot will be open and free-of-charge. Since it is limited in capacity, we recommend parking in nearby public garage (RSD 65 per hour)

Competition rules

Registering a model to our event assumes that You have understood and agreed with the following rules and regulations:
The term "work" represents any work done by the modeller, ie. scale model, figurine, diorama or vignette.
- Competition can be entered with a work of a single modeller (Individual work) that was not entered in previous competitions;
- Modellers work can be registered in a single category, chosen by modeller.
- Special categories my be entered with individual work that was entered in previous competitions; (The same work can not compete more then once, except for Special categories)
- Fee for Online model registration is 600 RSD or 5 € per modeller;
- Fee for work registration on the event day (On the spot registration) is 800 RSD or 7 € per modeller;
- Juniors and cadets do not pay registration fee;
- Registered work entered to the event after the registration schedule will not be accepted for competition, but for exhibition;
- Registering or entering work for the exhibition is not charged with registration fees;
- Judges do not compete;
- Judges decisions are indisputable.
- Scoring, ranking and awarding is done by teams of at least three judges, upon reaching consensus. It is possible that no work is awarded within a category;
- SMC Oluj reserves the right to reallocate and rearrange entered work in order to provide the best use of available space;
- SMC Oluj and Aeronautical museum can not be held responsible in case of damaged or missing work;
- SMC Oluj reserves the right not to accept the work that is offensive, oversized or considered inappropriate;

Evaluation and ranking

- Evaluation of modellers work will be performed in three passes. Work with obvious problems with symmetry, joints, decals, paint, reality, etc. will be identified on first pass and will be not taken into consideration for ranking. Remaining work will be evaluated and ranked, thus, qualified for a award. Third pass will be done on unranked work - verification will be done once again, in order to avoid mistakes and oversights.
- Based on judges findings, work can be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medal. It is possible to award more than one piece of work of a modeller in a single category. Also, it is possible that category have no work awarded.
- Based on judges unanimous decision, one of the awarded work will be additionally awarded with the "Best of the Show" award.

Competition Categories:

Juniors – up to 14 years
J1 Jet 1/144, 1/72 , 1/48 , 1/32
J2 Prop 1/144, 1/72 , 1/48 , 1/32
J3 Wheels 1/72 , 1/35, 1/48
J4 Tracks 1/72 , 1/35, 1/48
J5 Other

Cadets – 14 to 18 years
K1 Jet 1/144, 1/72 , 1/48 , 1/32
K2 Prop 1/144, 1/72 , 1/48 , 1/32
K3 Wheels 1/72 , 1/35, 1/48
K4 Tracks 1/72 , 1/35, 1/48
K5 Other

Seniors – 18+
S1 Planes – Military – All 1/144 and Smaller – Smaller than 1/72
S2 Planes – Jet 1/72
S3 Planes – Prop 1/72
S4 Planes – Jet 1/48
S5 Planes – Prop 1/48
S6 Planes – All - 1/32 and Larger – Larger than 1/48
S7 Helicopters All Scales
S8 Vehicles – Wheels 1/72
S9 Vehicles – Tracks 1/72
S10 Vehicles – Wheels 1/35 and Larger
S11 Vehicles – Tracks 1/35 and Larger
S12 Vignettes All Scales
S13 Dioramas 1/72
S14 Dioramas 1/48 and Larger
S15 Figurines All Scales
S16 Civil Vehicles All Scales
S17 Sci-Fi All Scales
S18 Plastic Ships/Vessels All Scales
S19 Miscellaneous All Scales
S20 Scratch-Built Models All Scales
S21 Civil Aircraft 1/100 and Smaller
S22 Aircraft Dioramas and Vignettes All Scales
S23 Vehicles - Wheels and Tracks 1/48
S24 - Paper models

IMPORTANT NOTICE: MK Oluj regularly monitors the latest developments related to the Covid - 19 virus, therefore we leave the possibility to cancel the competition if the epidemiological situation in the country is not favorable and if the competent authorities so request.