XI New Year's Cup - Report

Another New Years cup is behind us. In spite of very bad weather conditions and great snowfall, 185 modellers from Serbia and other countries displayed 729 models, 145 of them on exhibition. 584 competing models were brought by 28 juniors, 18 cadets and 139 seniors. The event was accompanied by two workshops, one intended for our youngest modellers, held by our friend and colleague Bine Logar from Kranj , Slovenia (www.miniatures.si), and the other one by Zoran Jakovljević, a member of our club, dealing with the rigging of the Grat war airplanes.


A book was presented on New Years Cup, "Air war at Spain (1936 - 1939)", written by Zoran Bašić. The book is a summary of research done in preparation to biuld scale models of airplanes from that period. Scale models of airplanes described in a book were on display at the New Year cup's exhibition. Work of members of the Belgrade Modellers Club, Svet v Malem from Slovenia and our club was displayed at the exhibition, also.
Great attetion was drawn by the modellers market, as usual, but this year we had something new: hand built flight simulator of Cessna airplane.We had a great honor to be hosts to modellers from Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Macedonia, Greece and Serbia and to enjoy their company and exceptioanl work. We had an opportunity to see the work of modellers from Moldava and USA who sent some of their models to the event.We would like to thank to all of persons and organizations who participated and helped the event, firstly to the Aeronautical Museum.
Till we meet again, on next New Years cup or another scale modellers event, Happy new scale modelling year!



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