Stupino Russia - 2018

  We took part at scale modelling competition in Stupino, Russia, upon invitation of our friends from SMC "Patriot" from Stupino, on 24th and 25th of August. Inevitably, before trip to Stupino we visited a few museums in Moscow. One of the most attractive to us, Museum of soviet people achievements, is, actually, a museum complex consisting of large number of individual museums. This complex exhibits peaces of Russian civil, military and space programs. So, one can find, standing next to each other, a Vostok rocket on its launcher, Sukhoi Su-27, Mi-8T and Yak-42. A bit further is Buran, Russian version of a space shuttle.

It is a really strange feeling standing next to a space capsule that returned from orbit - like some, by that moment unknown, deep respect. Next to this museum complex is Museum of Cosmonautics which is, by its exhibits, unique in the world.
At Stupino we have found that city is celebrating it's 70th birthday, after being founded in 1948, which we liked a lot. We have had a dinner with all of the contest participants, at a restaurant on the Oka river, on the very meteorite crash site. At the competition, we have made lots of new friends, from Russia, France and Poland.Although the competition is relatively small in size, we are full of great experiences. Trip to Stupino, hospitality of our hosts and general impressions on Moscow and Russia redefined the meaning of the word "fascination".



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