Great War in miniature

  Exhibition dedicated to Great War Armistice Day centennial commemoration was opened on Thursday, 8th of November, in Gallery of science and technology of Serbian Sciences and Arts Academy. It is called "Great War in miniature" and is organized by SMC Oluj, Belgrade Modellers Club and SASA Gallery of science and technology.

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Stupino Russia - 2018

  We took part at scale modelling competition in Stupino, Russia, upon invitation of our friends from SMC "Patriot" from Stupino, on 24th and 25th of August. Inevitably, before trip to Stupino we visited a few museums in Moscow. One of the most attractive to us, Museum of soviet people achievements, is, actually, a museum complex consisting of large number of individual museums. This complex exhibits peaces of Russian civil, military and space programs. So, one can find, standing next to each other, a Vostok rocket on its launcher, Sukhoi Su-27, Mi-8T and Yak-42. A bit further is Buran, Russian version of a space shuttle.

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Kraljevo - Spinner Cup 2018

On September 29th a traditional scale models competition "Spinner Cup" was organized by a SMC Spinner from Kraljevo. This years competition was 20th in a row, which is a significant success by itself. As usual, SMC Oluj members took part in competition and achieved noticeable results. We had a great day with the company of fellow modellers. We were very happy to meet with our colleagues from Macedonia and Bulgaria.


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Pancevo - 5th Aleksic Kup 2018

20. oktobra 2018. je u Klubu ljubitelja igara i fantastike "D20" u Pančevu održan peti Aleksić Kup. Poseban deo je posvećen radovima najmlađih maketara, a upriličena je i maketarska berza. Nismo propustili ovu divnu priliku da se vidimo sa prijateljima i kolegama i naučimo nešto novo o maketarstvu.



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Sofia 2018

Traditionally, members of SMC Oluj took part in scale modelling exhibition in Sofia, organized by Scale Models Club Bulgaria, the largest SMC in Bulgaria. 300 scale models and pleasant hosts guaranteed great time as always in Sofia.





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Bekescsaba 2018

0n 23rd and 24th of September there was a scale models competition in Bekescsaba, Hungary, organized by Koros Makett klub. Among others, there was a great number of models built by youngest modelers. A modellers market was, also, in place. We were very surprised to see the high quality of paper made models and the models of trucks, which are, usually, not seen in this numbers on other events we visit.


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Bucharest 2018

Military museum "Regele Ferdinand I" at Bucharest was a host to scale models exhibition from September, 16th till October 28th, with a competition in its last days. SMC Oluj members joined the competition bringing the work of our colleagues from Macedonia and Slovenia. The museum provided a special atmosphere to the event. We were able to see a lot of perfectly preserved weaponry from great war and replicas of Romanian aeronautical pioneers.We were exceptionally happy to see our Romanian friends again and to enjoy their hospitality. We made some new friends, especially with SMC Manta from Bulgaria.

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Budapest 2018

Great scale modelling competition was held on 1st of September, in Budapest, organized by PSMK (Painting School Makett Klub). Some of the attributes of the event are very large market and great number of scale models on display. There were scale modelling workshops, also, which took place during the event. Separate space was allocated for presentation of scale modelling clubs and their work. We were very pleased to meet with our friends from Slovakia ( and Bekescsaba.

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Trieste 2018

Members of SMC Oluj participated, for the first time, at scale modelling competition held in Trieste, organized by Scale modelling Club San Giusto. Competition is taking place every two years, in June, and have a great number of exceptional figures on display. There is the same number of competing categories for figures as for everything else. It does not mean that scale models in other categories lacks in quality. On the contrary...


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6th Bulldog Fest

Members of SMC Oluj were, for the first time, taking part in a scale modelling competition called Bulldog fest in Liptovsky Hradok, small town in Slovakia. It was organised by our friends, editors of a very popular scale modelling portal counted more then 600 exquisite models, mostly from Slovakia and Check Republic. Market was really great, with so far, at least by us, unseen low prices of model kits, tools and accessories.

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Ioannina 2018

Traditionally, members of SMC Oluj take part in scale modelling exhibition in Ioannina, organized by Ioannina scale modelling club. In great atmosphere and surreal views of lake and surroundning mountains, great time is being spent with our dear friends from Greece.




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Moshon 2018

Every year Moson Show attracts scale modellers from all over the world, including members of our club. Considering the size, tradition and popularity, there is very little new to be said about this event, but one thing made this one very special. Our friends and colleagues from Scale modelling club Patriot, from Stupino, Russia, invited us to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their club together. We have really enjoyed every moment of this hospitality and learned that our friends are specialists for barbecue, as well as for scale models. We hope that we will meet again and have a good time together, soon.

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Danube 1255 - 2018

On 24th of March there was a scale modelling competition held in Novi Sad, called Danube 1255, where our members took part for the third time. We had great time in Novi Sad and enjoyed another chance to meet with our friends and colleagues from Serbia and abroad.



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Competition Vienna 2018

SMC Oluj took part in scale modeling competition held at Vienna, which is traditionally placed at beginning of March and called Go Modelling. It is held at Museum of Military History, first of a kind in the world. The building of the Museum was specially designed for this purpose.The event takes place all over the museum and is full of all kind of content. It has a pretty big market and lots of workshops taking place in almost every corner at the museum. Large number of scale modelling clubs had a chance to present their work and events they organize. We were amazed by a great number of exceptional scale models built of paper.

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